ViewSource - View Source in Mobile Browsers

ViewSource Screenshot

Here's another small app that I created to play around with some code, but mostly because I felt I had a need for it.

ViewSource is an app for viewing the HTML-source of any website from your web-browser. Which enables you to view source from mobile browsers.

Just enter any URL and view the HTML-source. You also get a list of CSS-files and JavaScript-files, which you can view the source of, instantly in your browser.

You can quickly reach the app through

Fork on GitHub

As always, the source is available on GitHub for forking.

Squishify - Minify JavaScript & CSS Online

Squishify Screenshot

Squishify was created out of the need of a minifier for JavaScript. I quickly put together a web-app on AppHarbor to make minification always available quickly. The code is hosted on GitHub.

The application is an ASP.NET MVC-app, using Justin Etheredge's framework for minification called SquishIt. The app also uses ASP.NET Web API together with some simple jQuery to display the results of the minifications without any page-reloads.

The SquishIt-framework is a very easy to use and provides multiple minifiers for both JavaScript and CSS.

JavaScript minifiers:

* At the moment of writing this post, Google Closure is not working as expected, but should hopefully work soon.

CSS minifiers:

Enjoy it at and fork it on GitHub.

Javascript: Timeout on a Textbox using jQuery


Here is a quick post about how to use a JavaScript-timer to only execute a textbox's functionality after a certain amount of time.

Worth noticing in the code is that we handle a key-press on the Enter-button instantly, while otherwise we only execute the functionality after the user left the keyboard alone for 0,5 seconds.

var filterTimeoutId = 0;

var textboxFunction = function() {
   // The function the textbox should perform

$('input#TextBox').keypress(function (e) {
    if (e.which === 13) { // Enter-key
        e.preventDefault(); // Prevent page postback


    var timeout = 500; // Timeout in milliseconds
    filterTimeoutId = setTimeout(textboxFunction, timeout);